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Picked to Click VIII
By Simon Peter Groebner

It’s an odd, autonomous, anomalous year for the 1998 City Pages New Music Poll.

Jen Downham, KFAI-FM and Groove Garden Records:
1. Autonomous 2. ARKOLOGY 3. Heirospecs 4. Vintage 5. Anomaly.
Autonomous’s airy beats and strings, a little bit of guitar, and the mesmerizing female vocals make this moving mood music. ARKOLOGY is spoken word and a hell of a rhythm section. Heirospecs is hip hop and spoken word with an all-live band, horns, and more. Vintage is old-school funk played by old-schoolers who lived through it, with it, in it, and–thank God–are still doin’ it! Anomaly do a cinematic hip hop.

J. G. Everest, The Sensational Joint Chiefs:
1. Native Ones 2. ARKOLOGY 3. Sixth Sense 4. Autonomous 5. Mokoto Brasil.

[Arkology featuring e.g. bailey, Mire Regulus, Kona, Dennis Maddix, Mankwe Ndosi and Tom Speath.]

Originally posted on City Pages on 22 April 1998.


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1 March 1998 at 9:00 am (Music, Recordings, Spoken Word) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

ARKOLOGY is a spoken word collective, which melds poetry with music.  Our goal is to create a spoken word/music synthesis based in the aesthetic of the jazz ensemble where each instrument, including the voice, enters the ensemble on an equal footing and has an opportunity to lead and shape the resulting sound, creating a multi-sensory experience.  The work originates, variously, in concept, word, image and/or sound.  We perform original work, and the works of other writers and musicians, including Nikki Giovanni, Nina Simone, Larry Neal, and Stevie Wonder.

The collective was co-founded by members:  e.g. bailey (verbalist), Mire Regulus (writer/vocalist), Kona (drums), Dennis Maddix (bass), Mankwe Ndosi (vocalist), ANIKA (vocalist), and Malo Adams (guitar).  Currently performing with the collective are e.g. bailey, Mire Regulus, Kona, Dennis Maddix and Mankwe Ndosi.  The collective has also performed with other Twin Cities musicians including Kevin Washington, Rene Ford, Sam Favors, Markiss, Michael O’Brien, Doug Reed and Tom Speath.

Arkology currently performs at Groove Garden Sundays at the Cabooze and will have upcoming performances at The Front and Kiernan’s Irish Pub.

‘That said, the five groups listed above each offer intelligent twists on their genres and, most important, share a commitment to simplicity and clarity of vision–be that the elegant authority of Mason Jennings, the poetic abstraction of the spoken-word/jazz collective Arkology, or the unironic teen-rebellion anthems of Selby Tigers.’ – Kate Sullivan (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

‘Arkology, a jazz/soul/spoken-word collective, has really come into its own over the last year…the group’s Nikki Giovanni-meets-Brand New Heavies vibe has attracted more people each time I see them…’ – Rachel Joyce (Walker Art Center)

‘ARKOLOGY is spoken word and a hell of a rhythm section.’ – Jen Downham (KFAI and Groove Garden Records)

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