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‘He makes language live.’ – Amiri Baraka

‘When the words do hit us, they hit us, seriously, and profoundly.’ – Umar Bin Hassan

‘Liberia needs and deserves guys like you.’ – Fan

‘Yes, e.g., yes…please continue to write for our souls.’ – Fan

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a wiki biographi (aka my blogopedia)

13 June 2008 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve started a new project/concept. Not really new because it’s really just a blog, but more a new approach to doing a blog. I had a website for some time, which I designed myself. However, the time and energy to keep it updated and consistent, not being a web designer, was unrealistic, and left the site sorely outdated for too long. I did a pretty good job with only four classes, but was difficult to maintain, and keeping up with the updates and advances in web design was not really an area of interest. This was before Myspace, and Facebook, and blogs, which beg the question of having a separate website. After creating a Myspace page, the site remained dormant, with few changes for years. With the advent of Facebook, a profile was created, and finally I joined the blogosphere, which I avoided for some time because I am not a consistent blogger. I am not always good at keeping a journal, unless it was for a specific project, or a specific trip, because I am often living or creating life, rather than reflecting on it on a daily basis. I wish I had the time or luxury to do so but that space in my life as never been consistently provided. I wondered how it would be to have weeks, sometimes months between posts. Also I wanted to have something more holistic than simply posting entries. I wanted something akin to a website, but with more flexibility to make changes and updates. I also held off because of the constant push and pull between public and private in the brave new world of social networking. Most blogs I knew about were personal blogs, and I wasn’t sure how much more public I wanted my personal to be, though I’m not sure how avoidable this is anymore. Being an archivist I’ve always been interested in information/database systems to help organize the information and materials I had, or was working on. With the introduction of the wiki, I became fascinated with the idea of knowledge management systems, and wanted to create something that would store and manage the various aspects of my life, work and experiences; and would serve as a website, a blog and a wiki. I wanted to have a personal site that would function in some ways like a wiki, that could interconnect the way wikis did. I wanted to create what I call a ‘wiki biographi’, but personal wikis are either blogs, or are limited in capabilities at this time. To create more complex wikis, it either needs to be a communal wiki, or about a specific area of knowledge, or community. Also, the standard structure of wikis can be limited visually, as they should be since their primary purpose is the consolidation and the interlinking of information and knowledge, with less emphasis on aesthetic. However, as an artist, the work can often be as defined by the aesthetic as it is by the information. The look of an album cover informs the content, and sometimes, the intention of the piece. Also, wikis don’t often have audio or video content, which is an important aspect of what the work I do. So I decided to somehow consolidate all these things into one–have a blog that served not only as a blog but also a website, and worked in someways like a wiki. However, rather than posting the way you usually do on a blog, have the post be more in a chronological order. Since I usually end up posting things that have already happened, and am often archiving information that’s passed, it only makes sense to post them with the date they actually occurred. This way it creates a kind of chronological history of the work. Because part of my works as a spoken word artist is being a historian/archivist, hopefully it will help me to map, and document, not only my own artistic journey, but also some of the history of spoken word, especially in Minnesota. Also it will free me up to post as I can, and as I want, adding pieces of the puzzle, fragments of the past, present and future. It’s an experiment. I don’t know if it will work, but I’m always experimenting, so why not?

So with this blog, or blogopedia as I call it, my goal is to create something more than simply a website, and more dynamic than just a posting blog or a wiki.

How it works. You can find the ‘Entry’ page here. It will have a list of recent entries, along with updated entries. However, on the ‘Entry’ page, there may not always be the most ‘recent’ entry chronologically. The most recent entry may be a post dated 2005, but he most ‘recent’ entry will be the most with the most current date. Between the entries, indexes, archives, tags, pages and history, you can move back and forth chronologically through the site.

This is a work in progress. Some information was simply pulled off the website, and included here. Some pages are serving as placeholders for the moment. So some of the information, especially the bio and resume information is still to be updated, as it currently goes up only to 2003. Also, all the links, within the site, and links outside the site, are not completed yet. I will keep updating and refining as time and life allows. Until then, I hope you find something of interest in what you see, hear or read. Peac.e

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faces + spaces i’ve been

21 May 2008 at 11:32 am (Uncategorized)

My face is now a book, you can find it here; and if you wanna hang out in my space you can lounge over here.

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