Spoken Word Bio

There is very little in the realm of Spoken Word that e.g. bailey has not done. One of the most innovative and influential spoken word artists of his generation, he has: written and directed award-winning spoken word theatre productions; written and directed award-winning spoken word films; produced numerous spoken word recordings; founded the first spoken word conference, Singers of Daybreak; cofounded one of the premier spoken word organizations in the country, the MN Spoken Word Association; founded Minnesota’s first spoken word label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records, and has developed it into one of the rising underground labels in the country; he produced the first spoken word compilation in Minnesota; cofounded the first spoken word + hip hop institute in Minnesota, in partnership with the University of Minnesota; created the Verbal Graffiti/Spoken Word Conscious Movement radio format, and created/developed four radio shows in the format, including Tehuti (Divine Speech), Urban Griots, Cipher Zone, and Spoken Soul; co-developed and co-created the curriculum for the award-winning Teacher’s Institute at the University of Wisconsin Madison, for the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiative (OMAI); advised on the development of the OMAI’s Urban Arts degree, the first spoken word and hip hop based degree program; cofounded the Midwest Youth Spoken Word Coalition, and cofounded the National Youth Spoken Word Coalition; founded the spoken word + hip hop theatre production entity, Freestyle Theatre, which has contributed to the development the spoken word + hip hop theatre in Minnesota; founded the spoken word music collective Arkology; created the noted National Poetry Month spoken word radio series, Words Will Heal the Wound, which featured over 150 spoken word artists over the period of nine years; founded the Youth Slam League, a team based slam program for schools; and most recently created the Urban Griots Awards, an awards show to celebrate the spoken word movement in Minnesota and across the globe. These are just to name a few of his accomplishments.

In addition, he writes, records and performs his own work. He is a playwright, filmmaker, producer, actor, educator and radio personality. He manages artists, and is the head of two organizations: MN Spoken Word Association, for which he has developed numerous programs and projects; and Tru Ruts Endeavors, through which he also developed, Ndimgbe, the first compendium of African visual artists in Minnesota, in partnership with Intermedia Arts. He co-curates, with Laurie Carlos, the innovative performance series, Late Nite, which has featured national and Twin Cities artists for over 10 years, including Carl Hancock Rux, Toshi Reagon, Pamela Sneed, Mike Ladd, and others. And to pass the torch onto the next generation, he teaches and lectures almost year-round in schools and colleges, along with training educators on how to infuse spoken word and hip hop into their classes and curriculums.

e.g.bailey has won awards in poetry, filmmaking, and radio, and has traveled to South Africa, England, Bosnia, West Africa, the United Arab Emirates and more for his work. To learn more about e.g. bailey, go to www.egbailey.com, or link here.

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