Wordlife: a wiki biographi

eg words imageThis is somewhat of an experiment. A history, a telling of my story, and a portion of the history of spoken word, a portion of history here in this ‘village of rhymesayers’ – Minnesota. A wiki biographi. A virtual memoir. An ever-changing, ever expanding journal. Below is the first entry, from there you can move forward or backward in time, or access specific information based on the pages, categories or tags listed to the right. Begin the Begin


Introductory Entries:

Begin the Begin

faces + spaces i’ve been

without punctuation

a wiki biographi (aka a blogopedia)

Recent Entries:

The Liberian Literary Tradition

Word Beat I Powa 2009

‘Art Connects’ commercial premieres on BET Hip Hop Awards

‘Afrika’ (Poem) Broadside

City Pages’ Artist of the Year: Sirius B

American Afrikan’

‘my children’

Selected Entries:

‘Home at Last’: Interview in Mshale Magazine

Spoken Word takes root in MN

From Chains to Change: Spokesman Recorder MLK Commemorative Issue

Raw honesty’: Interview on MinnesotaPlaylist.com

Vote America

‘America’ featured on Rift Magazine’s Daily MP3

Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records feature by Rift Magazine

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