American Afrikan (Album)

23 February 2010 at 9:00 am (Music, Recordings, Releases, Spoken Word, Work Notes) ()

American Afrikan

Press Release • Listen • Liner Notes • Quotes

Click on each of the track titles to listen to the track, plus additional information and notes about each track.

1. Professor Goodwin’s Preface

2. Liberia

3. Love Songs In Middle Passage: Africans in America

4. The Unknown Soldier

5. K Street Blues: The Bailout Plan

6. America

7. Verbal Graffiti Radio

8. American Afrikan

9. Gemini Cities

10. Blues People

11. Home

12. Motherless Child

13. Oracles of Equiano

14. Afrika

15. Tuo Tuo

16. Afrikan is the New American

17. American Afrikan (Space Station One Mix)

18. Oracles of Equiano (Starkie’s Pushing Mix)

19. Afrika (A Capella)

20. American Afrikan (M.anifestations Mix)

21. This Child Will Be Great


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