Nu Ark Experiments

21 April 1998 at 9:00 am (Shows, Spoken Word, Theatre) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

The Nu Ark Experiments is a series exploring the creation and presentation of spoken word, the art of combining poetry with music.  The goal of the series is to create a reflective, improvisational performance structure by melding music and spoken word.  It is to create a synthesis based on the idea of the jazz ensemble and create a multi-sensory experience with several elements coalescing at once.

The series will also explore the intersections between other art forms and spoken word, i.e. visual arts, film, performance theatre.  And will aim at working with non-profit and grassroots orginzations to cultivate interaction and community building.  We hope to build stronger relationships between musicians and poets, and among the growing Twin Cities spoken word community.  To achieve this, performances will occur at different venues, including sites traditionally reserved for either music or poetry, but not necessarily both.

The series will involve ten performances and two workshops.  The ten performances will be a public form to test the growth and accessibility of this style, while the workshops will instruct participants on combining the elements of live music and spoken word, and allow practical experimentation by bringing in experienced musicians.

The series is a produced by e. g. bailey and two organizations, Intermedia Arts and SASE, The Write Place.  Intermedia Arts is an arts organization, known for its commitment to new art and multi-disciplinary projects, its involvement with arts in the community, as well as its support of projects that are specifically by artists of color.  SASE is a more grassroots organization focused on connecting with writers where they are in their communities, through a reading series in coffeehouses and art spaces, and grants.

The series involves artists from the spoken word and music collective, Arkology.  Arkology has been creating spoken word performances for the past year, at a number of venues in the Twin Cities, including Groove Garden, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the University of MN, Phyliss Wheatley Community Center and the Walker Art Center.  And they recently open for Roy Ayers at the Hyatt Regency.

There will also be collaborations with local artists and musicians, including Kitundu, painter and dj; Truthmaze, poet and producer; and Rajiah Johnson, musician.

The goal of the Nu Ark Experiments is to allow the community to experience spoken word in new and vital ways.  To experience the power and force that poetry can affect in their lives.

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